Customer FAQs

Q: I heard that Comcast/Xfinity will be taking over Russell Cable. What does this mean?

A: Comcast reached an agreement to purchase the assets of Russell Municipal
Cable TV (Russell Cable) and received/is seeking all regulatory approvals necessary
to operate Russell Cable’s network, including a franchise agreement that allows
Comcast to serve customers in the Town of Russell, MA. We look forward to the
opportunity to bring our robust suite of Xfinity and Comcast Business products and
services to consumers and businesses in the Town of Russell.

Q: Why is Comcast acquiring Russell Cable?

A: Comcast continues to explore opportunities to expand our network to bring new
and existing customers reliable, fast broadband service, industry-leading features,
increased choice, value and more. We look forward to being able to offer faster
broadband speeds, and a wider array of choices for video, voice, home security and
automation, mobile services, as well as Comcast Business products and services, to
more consumers and businesses in western Massachusetts.

Q: Does this mean I will get Comcast/Xfinity service?

A: You will be asked to choose a comparable Xfinity package.

Q: Will I be able to keep my current service once Comcast transitions its network?

A: Russell Cable’s services will be transitioned to the expansive Xfinity suite of
products and services, allowing customers to choose a comparable Xfinity package.
You will not be able to keep your Russell Municipal Cable services and you will need to
choose a comparable Xfinity package.

Q: When will the transition happen?

A: We anticipate the first transition to take place in late November. Transitioning you
over to Xfinity will run weekly and we expect to transfer all customers over by the end
of 2021.

Q: When will I know the actual date my services will be transitioned from Russell Cable to Xfinity?

A: You will be notified by mail 30-days prior to your transition date.

Q. What actions will I need to take to transition to Xfinity?

A. You will be contacted 30-days before your transition date to choose an Xfinity
package that meets your needs and will be asked to schedule your Pro-installation, at
no cost to you.

The order process will include the creation of an Xfinity username which gives
customers access to My Account and pre-activation video content using the Xfinity
Stream App.

Q: What services will you offer?

A: Residential customers will have access to Xfinity’s innovative suite of products and
services, which offer increased reliability and system capacity. Xfinity offers more
programming and service options to meet the diverse needs of former Russell Cable
customers, including:

Xfinity Internet with gigabit speed: offering speeds among the fastest
and most widely available and includes Xfinity xFi, a digital dashboard
that lets customers personalize, manage and control their home Wi-Fi

The award-winning X1 Platform for video service: includes X1 voice remote
and popular internet apps including Peacock, HBO Max, Amazon Prime
Video, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio and NPR One.

Xfinity Home: security and home automation services.

Xfinity Mobile: a new wireless service designed for the way people use their phones today.

Xfinity Voice: home phone service.

Q: Will my bill increase in cost as a result?

A: We will offer a variety of Xfinity packages that are in line with Russell Cable
pricing. Xfinity gives customers more choices and better value through our robust
suite of products including Xfinity Internet, Xfinity X1, Xfinity xFi, Xfinity Stream, and
Xfinity Flex, the only free streaming TV device with voice remote that’s included with
broadband-only service.

Q: Will you open an Xfinity Store in the area?

A: Customers will be served by our existing Xfinity Stores in Springfield, located at
1083 Boston Road, Suite 116, and in Holyoke, MA at the Holyoke Mall, 50 Holyoke
St. In addition, we offer a number of self-service, self-install and digital account
management options that our customers are using in record numbers to do business
with us in ways that are simple, easy and convenient for them. For instance,
customers can now manage nearly all aspects of their account using the Xfinity My
Account app, which allows customers to manage a wide range of Xfinity products
and services, including managing appointments, bill pay, troubleshooting, and more,
right from their mobile device or computer.

Q: Will there be service disruption of any of my current services during this transition?

A: Comcast engineers, in coordination with field technicians, will work during early
morning hours to minimize any service interruption while the cable network is
migrated from Russell Municipal Cable to Xfinity.

For Video: In the period between your overnight transition to Xfinity and your
installation appointment, you can access Xfinity video service using the Stream App
on your mobile device or computer. Note: you must first set up your credentials in
the Xfinity App and download the Xfinity Stream App prior to your transition date to
access video programming on the app while your video service is being installed. An
Xfinity technician will support the installation of Set Top boxes at the time of service

For Internet: The existing modem you have in the home for Internet will continue to
work after you are transitioned from Russell Municipal Cable to Xfinity. However, you
may not get the full Xfinity speed you ordered unless you switch to an Xfinity modem
during your service installation appointment or purchase a compatible modem. You
will not have access to Xfinity features like xFi unless you switch to an Xfinity modem.

For Email: If you use a russellma.net email address, you will need to switch to a new
email address by December 31, 2021. Note: IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL

Q: Can I keep the cable modem and TV boxes I have now with Russell Municipal Cable?

A: You must have a set-top box to access Xfinity X1 video service. You will be
prompted 30 days in advance of your transition date to choose an Xfinity package
that meets your needs, which will include a set-top box.

Your Russell Cable modem will continue to function, however, it does not support
Xfinity Internet speeds. In order to get the full benefit of Xfinity Internet with
advanced speeds or features like Xfinity xFi you will be asked to transition to an Xfinity
modem, or other compatible customer-owned device, when you select your new
Xfinity package. Visit Xfinity My Device Info web page for a list of approved cable
modems at xfinity.com/support/devices. Just enter your zip code and select a desired
speed to learn more. You will receive specific communications 30-days prior to your
transition date with more information on your options.