Transition Schedule

Transition Schedule

As of November 22, 2021

Below is estimated timing by street address of when your services will be
transitioned from Russell Municipal Cable to Comcast. Dates are subject to
change and the schedule will be updated regularly until all transitions are
completed. You will receive notification 30-days prior to your scheduled transition
date with the actual date and all information you need to get started.

Street Name City Estimated Week of Transition
BIRCH HILL DRRussel, MA1/25/2022
BIRCH HILL RDRussel, MA2/1/2022
299- 474 BLANDFORD RDRussel, MA1/19/2021
711-1411 BLANDFORD RDRussel, MA1/27/2022
6 - 36 BLANDFORD STAGE RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
105 - 420 BLANDFORD STAGE RDRussel, MA1/27/2022
BRIDGE STRussel, MA1/19/2022
CEDAR TERRussel, MA1/25/2022
DICKINSON AVERussel, MA1/27/2022
DICKINSON HILL RDRussel, MA1/27/2022
DICKINSON HILL RDRussel, MA1/27/2022
FAIRVIEW AVERussel, MA1/11/2022
FROG HOLLOW RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
36 - 89 GENERAL KNOX RDRussel, MA1/27/2021
110 - 1500 GENERAL KNOX RDRussel, MA2/1/2022
GLASGOW DRRussel, MA2/1/2022
GROVE STRussel, MA1/11/2022
HIGHLAND AVERussel, MA1/25/2022
HILLCREST LNRussel, MA2/1/2022
HOMESTEAD AVERussel, MA1/27/2022
HOLIDAY HILL RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
15 - 30 HUNTINGTON RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
110 - 1185 HUNTINGTON RDRussel, MA1/25/2022
LAUREL RDRussel, MA1/19/2022
LINDA LNRussel, MA1/25/2022
LINCOLN AVERussel, MA1/11/2022
MAIN STRussel, MA1/11/2022
MAIN STRussel, MA1/11/2022
MOSS HILL RDRussel, MA1/27/2022
MT LAUREL DRRussel, MA1/25/2022
MOUNTAIN VIEW TERRussel, MA1/19/2022
5 - 121 OLD WESTFIELD RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
156 OLD WESTFIELD RDRussel, MA1/19/2022
OVERLOOK DRRussel, MA1/25/2022
PARK CIRRussel, MA2/1/2022
PARK STRussel, MA1/11/2022
PATRIOTS PATHRussel, MA2/1/2022
PINE HILL RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
POCHASSIC RDRussel, MA1/19/2022
POMEROY TERRussel, MA1/11/2022
RAYMUR DRRussel, MA1/25/2022
22 RIDGEWOOD DRRussel, MA1/11/2022
42 - 120 RIDGEWOOD DRRussel, MA1/25/2022
RIDGEWOOD DR EXTRussel, MA1/25/2022
RIVER STRussel, MA1/11/2022
RIVERVIEW TERRussel, MA1/19/2022
ROCKY BROOK DRRussel, MA1/25/2022
S QUARTER RDRussel, MA2/1/2022
SHATTUCK RDRussel, MA1/25/2022
STATION RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
TEKOA AVERussel, MA1/19/2022
TIMBERIDGE DRRussel, MA1/27/2022
VALLEY VIEW AVERussel, MA1/19/2022
W MAIN STRussel, MA1/11/2022
101 WESTFIELD RDRussel, MA1/11/2022
172 - 1365 WESTFIELD RDRussel, MA1/19/2022
WESTWOOD DRRussel, MA2/1/2022
WOODLAND WAYRussel, MA2/1/2022
WORONOCO RDRussel, MA1/19/2022